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Logline: During WWII, in an Illinois farming community, 3 young siblings deal with wartime poverty, anti-German sentiment, and their father’s illness by finding solace and joy in music, baseball, and especially the Chicago Cubs at a time when “We’ll get ‘em next year” became a hopeful mantra for the future…

Brief Synopsis: The year is 1944 and Ruth, Billy and Margie, (the Baumann children), live on a small Central Illinois farm with their parents who are first generation German-Americans. They adore their father, Joseph, who shares his love of German folk songs and the game of baseball with his beloved children. He insists that, while some may shun them for their heritage, in his house, they will at least say their prayers in German. When he is diagnosed with TB and sent to a sanitarium, the children’s mother, Marsella, is overtaken with depression. To divert the children, their maternal grandmother takes action to assure that music and baseball are a focus in their daily lives. As the story progresses, the children find ways to keep their hope and faith alive that one day their father will be cured and that the Chicago Cubs, whom they listen to faithfully on the radio will “Get’em next year”!

Proof of Concept short film:

Genre: Drama

Themes: Family, Coming of Age, Baseball, WWII, Family Dog, Bigotry, Music, Christmas, Faith

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Timeline: Filming summer 2020

Contact: Joan Tankersley, 281-686-1287

Ann Hagemann, 309-696-2883

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